We organize and design tailormade arrangements for your group to whatever destination - worldwide.


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Operational Executive

Call (+34) 605 619 751

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer you the highest level of service and flexibility, regardless of the size of the group. We are multilingual, multicultural and very experienced, fully capable of helping you with even the most complicated travel planning.

Our goal is to be considered your best companion when it comes to group travelling. Fast, flexible, competitive and really good at what we do!


Customized Packaging

Small or big group? Full program or just an add-on? Doesn`t matter. We fix them all for you!


Experienced Staff

We know the business and we know what your clients expect. Destination knowledge combined with many years of general group travel experience.


Simple is Better

Why complicate things? We try to make doing business with us as simple as possible for you.


Quality Assurance

Our job it to make your clients happy. We strive for the highest quality in all our offerings.

Why you should work with us

Fast Response

We will respond your request fast.

Flexibility & Service

We easily adapt to your specific needs & changes and our support is always there when you need it.

Competitive Prices

We really try hard to always offer you competitive prices/rates.


We think like you and speak your language. We know what your clients want.

Experienced Partners

We have a network of experienced group travel partners all over the world, most of whom we know personally.

Mallorca-based office

Who knows Mallorca (or Spain) better than us?

Credible & Trustworthy

We are registered in Norway & part of the Braganza group.